Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You Really Happy?

Have you ever, really asked yourself if you're happy?

There is a difference between “Being Happy With Your Life” and simply “Being Happy”...

In the former, you act as a third person who's looking at the life you're leading. Usually, the main concern is satisfaction in all aspects of your life; having a great career, a heartwarming family, friends who care and support you and the materialistic luxuries you're able to enjoy.

While in the latter, you are the centre of concern... A place deep in our hearts, where many fear to tread because they know they would face the rawest of their feelings... And these feelings reflect our naked face without the layers of masks we wear on daily.  

Often, most people think that their lives are miserable and mundane; complain about the many things they have to do, whine about their routine lifestyle and sulk about not having much more, when in fact... We are fortunate in our own way(s).

If you really think your life is miserable & mundane... Ordinary & dull... The same old routine & boring lifestyle... And feeling sorry for yourself... Think AGAIN...!

I was there once... Till one day I was in a daze and in a mellow mood that I caught the sight of the cleaners clearing dishes in the food court; and sweepers sweeping leaves off the sidewalks and grass, I take a moment to look at their life and put myself in their shoes...

Moments later, it hit me hard about myself...

Think about it, these cleaners and sweepers can’t negotiate for a better pay cheque, they are required to work long hours non-stop standing, and they do exactly the SAME thing, the SAME routine, everyday of their lives. Their jobs don't give them a pay rise, no career prospects, no promotions... And I assume it doesn't give them any sort of career satisfaction either. If you'd realize, they don't ever seem to smile... (And I can understand why...) The job's not exactly one would want unless they have no other options - But yet, there are people who have respectable and/ or high-paying jobs, and still you can hardly see them smile... Or worse, they're grouchy and unfriendly.

Being happy with your life doesn't mean you're happy at heart... but being happy will definitely put a positive light to your life!

My GrandMentor said to me once, "To Change Your Life, Change Your Perception Of Life Itself First."

He once did a very simple; yet meaningful exercise with me… It was a public place, and he asked me to choose ONE person from the crowd of people I see around me; WHO I would like to switch my life with.

We walked for some time, but I couldn't find someone I was willing to exchange my life with. I looked carefully at the people and studied every individual that passed by me & vice versa. After a few hours, it was strange that I actually felt that I would regret it if I were to switch my lives with anyone, I then started to feel that my life wasn’t so bad after all... It actually brought senses & awareness to the positive things in my life that I took for granted and made me realize my self-worth through this simple but meaningful exercise.

I came to a conclusion that regardless WHO I am, WHAT I have, or the things I’ve done, I'm a unique individual (Everyone's A Unique Individual). Since then, I’ve not complained nor whined, neither do I compare myself with anyone anymore… And I feel happier & more at peace with myself since then.

The reality of life is… There will be times when we feel life's great... Other times, when we encounter an obstacle or a setback, we feel that life sucks... But that's Life; full of UPs and downs, made up with the good & bad... And everyone will have their fair share of both the tough and enjoyable times in their lives. Ultimately, it's still our life to lead and up to us to make it a better and a happier journey for ourselves.

Just to share... One thing I always do to be happy with myself, is to always smile at my own reflection. And doing it every day indeed does wonder to the way you look and feel about yourself and your life... (You DON'T need a good reason to smile, just stand infront of the mirror, and SMILE to YOURSELF...) Try it; it may just work for you too!

Monday, January 17, 2011

2012... End Of The World???

The second week of 2011 has just passed and the cycle of a New Year has just begun...

But for some, 2011 is a cherished year as there are people who believe in the hearsay that the world will come to an end in 2012. Not that I’m one of them to really concern myself with a natural catastrophe that I absolutely can't do anything about, but it wouldn't be such a bad thing to live in that supposition and put my focus on what I can do for this year instead.. That is if you don't take it the wrong way - After all, IT IS a double-edged sword.

Even if there is no such rumour, it's always good to live our lives like there's no tomorrow; treasuring the people we love and care about, spending our time productively, doing what we've always procrastinated, seeking opportunities to bring us a step closer to our dreams, and to create entertaining; yet happy memories for ourselves.

In this way, we would be leading our lives meaningfully; the same thing I told a Reader of mine, when I was asked “How Can I Live My Life Meaningfully?

Like what my GrandMentor has told me before...

"Life Itself Has Got NO Meaning...
It's What YOU DO That Puts Meaning In Your Life."

One doesn't necessarily have to be famous, make lots of money or build a seven storey pagoda to live life with meaning...

You'll be surprised to find that sometimes the most minimal or insignificant things we take for granted, encompasses the greatest value & substance.


Take it as;


An apocalypse were to REALLY happen in 2012; and we've got only this one year to live, how would we spend 2011 differently; as the last days of your life passes? Would it still be just another year to you? With so many days more ... Or counting the days left?

After just having celebrated Christmas and the New Year, already the next festive holiday is lined up, only two weeks away; Chinese New Year! Have you ordered your Chinese New Year goodies and started shopping for new clothes and household decorative ornaments? (This is also my favourite festive occasion of the year and I’m so looking forward to it!)

However, this year the one thing I look forward to most, is publishing my second book!!! I wish I could share just a little synopsis with all of YOU (My dear Readers, Supporters, Fans and Friends who are so supportive and awaiting the publication of my next book) – or at least divulge the genre, to ease your suspense... However, I’ve signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement which I hope you’ll understand my dilemma, thus do wait for a little longer till I've completed it and am liberated from the agreement I had with AMDG Singapore… I truly can’t wait to share with ALL OF YOU my pride, my joy & my new excitement!

For all who've expressed your arduous support and concern for my upcoming work, I thank you, soOooo very much...!!! Your patience, encouragement and care is greatly appreciated, and I’ll definitely continue to strive and give my best to ALL OF YOU; for being so sweet & kind to me over these past 2 years, THANK YOU!!!

Remember... The month of January is a great month to restart & refresh your life; making it a brand new one! Like what The Fraternity said, “Have The Courage To Seek, To Explore, To Observe & To Discover What Is Revolving Around Us & Taking Place Constantly In This ONE Life We’ve Got… Now, as I look at the following twelve months down the year, thinking of all the joyous occasions to celebrate, the changes to make, new things to try & create for myself… It simply just spurs my adrenaline!

Lastly – For Your Info ONLY…

The Fraternity will be organizing a very interesting; yet fascinating Workshop pretty soon about “The Art Of Revamping A New Life For Yourself…”, I personally like to call that a “Destiny Changing Event” though, because that is what it did to my life…

They will be sharing with you the Ancient Knowledge, The “HOW TO”, and WHY You Are WHERE You Are Today (you’ll be astonished when you find out the reason WHY) & MANY More NEW stuff you almost NEVER heard of before... And I can tell you, THAT experience itself, will be so refreshing that it WILL BE your WAKE-UP call, just like how it WOKE Me Up!

So if you are interested to attend this exclusive closed-door event, keep a look out ya.. And ONLY those who are in The Fraternity PaGE Group will be invited for this limited seating New Knowledge Event… To be part of the Invite List, do click HERE, and click LiKE on the page to be part of The Fraternity today; that is IF you believe your LiFE is MORE than what it should BE; and NOT what you are currently having now, and you do NOT want to be short-changed in this ONE LiFE you’ve got today…

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a Destiny Changing Event that I would recommend to ANYONE who either hates their life today; or believe they deserve MORE than what they are presently having now.

The person, who will be hosting this event, is none other than Mr. Eric S, who is my GrandMentor today - To read more about him & how he has turned many other people lives around… Click HERE (This website was set-up by one of his mentee to thank & honour him for turning her life around).

Am I trumpeting him aloud? Indeed I am… Because I know when the day you make it in life YOURSELF through his mentoring, guidance & teaching, you’ll DO what I’ve done today too… I call this, “Pay It Forward”… Just like the movie below… Enjoy.