Saturday, November 20, 2010

My GrandMentor...

"Who Exactly Is Your GrandMentor...?!??"

Many Readers and Friends often ask me this question...

And I usually direct them to Page 263 of my book “This Is My Story...” to read about him,

Or to his “personal” website, which was set-up by one of his many mentees; to honour & thank him.

But if I were to describe him, I would say he lives simply like you & me; but meaningfully - He's nice & friendly (if you know him); but is firm as a person who takes no nonsense...

This week, I wanna do a special entry on my GrandMentor; Mr Eric See.... Because it's his Birthday tomorrow (21st November)!!!

On this meaningful day of his, I want to especially THANK HIM... Simply for just being here, making a difference in my life!

People habitually go to him when they need help, especially during their darkest hour to seek his guiding light...

He is dedicated to helping those in need, and I suppose he takes it upon himself as his Calling, to help those who are destined to cross path with him, and he’ll turn their life around, without a doubt, into a MORE positive & stronger one; always without fail...

That is if they follow his instruction(s) accordingly & execute his given strategies specifically & at precise timing, condition(s) and/ or situation(s)...

He seems to have this Minds' Eye; to see the raw diamond in people and able to envision their path ahead...

His ability to sharpen a person's strengths and turn their weaknesses to their advantage is what has truly helped people see their self-worth & capability they never knew they had...

His compassion relates to the hearts of others; giving comfort and a sense of security...

And because he'll always be watching your back and protecting your interest, you'll just feel safe with him around; or knowing he's around.

He, being a person with numerous roles to play...

A Loving Father (to his 4 Wonderful & Talented kiddos),

A Trustworthy Friend (who'll leave no one under his guidance in a lurch),

A Mentor/ GrandMentor (Nurtures & Moulds his “students” to their fullest potential),

Turning lives around (Those Destined One),

And his professional job as an Chief Advisor/ Strategist with a Consulting Firm in the Business & Corporate arena (Beside Advising & Strategizing for Companies, He Coached & Counsel Business & Corporate Executives Too).

With numerous “hats” to wear; he still puts in his heart and soul into every single individual(s)/ project(s); dedicating his time; and a huge amount of effort in the foundation/ groundwork of everyone & everything; and is deeply and passionately committed to it - Always working till the wee hours of the night, sacrificing his sleep just so he can catch up to his responsibilities & tasks that he feels accountable for.

Sowing the seeds of his honorable credibility, he garnered the respect and recognition of the people around him, thus the title of “GrandMentor” was given; by all his senior mentees (who are now Mentors to others as well).

His ancient knowledge & wisdom that were shared and teachings that were taught to those he has mentored; greatly impacted their perception of Life itself, coursing the path of a better way of living, and as what he always said, “We ONLY Have ONE Life On This Earth, Make The Best Out Of It…!”

With his existence, he has helped changed & transformed the lives of many people, and these like-minded individuals made up what is known & acknowledge today privately within ourselves; as “The Fraternity...” (The more we try to keep a low profile about The Fraternity; especially away from the general public, the MORE people want to know about it… Thus, they’ve decided to open up to the general public… If you are interested to know more about WHAT The Fraternity Is Really All About – Click HERE)

He may be just a man among the vast population, but his presence in my life, has created a whole new world for me... With Meaning, Purpose & Aspiration! And he never fails to encourage, motivate and inspire the people he meets if he “sees” they are worthy of it.

Here’s my little “poem” I dedicate to you, Sir!

My Guiding Light; Light Of My Life...

You Gave Me Sight,
Of A Future Gleaming So Bright.

You Are My Might,
Pulled Me Out Of My Plight.

You Helped Me Wipe,
All The Black In The White.

You Taught Me To Fight,
Making Everything All Right.

With My Gratitude Inside,
My Thanks I Write.

For Without You By My Side,
My World Would Be Dark as Night.

Have a Happy Birthday, Eric... :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My 1st Of Everything (Year 2010…)

The Year 2010 is coming to an end in just 47 days, and the Year of the Tiger (2010) has been kind to me…

From My First Book…
To My First Autography Session…
To My First Time In Public ‘LiVE’ On-Stage Talking About “This Is My Story…” At Orchard Central.

From My First Vocal Training…
To My First Song Dubbing In The Recording Studio…

And My Recent First AMDG Retreat – An All-Expense Paid Trip!

My First Newspaper Interview….

And Now… Adding-on to the list of my First TIME; is an Interview with RazorTV (on 11th November 2010) that will be going on Air next week!

AMDG had the Interview location held at Bistro@Ayden instead of the studio at Singapore Press Holdings because they are concerned that a confined studio (room) will only increase my anxiety (thoughtful aren’t they?)

And RazorTV was kind to accede to their request (so sweet of them!)

So... Why Bistro @ Ayden?

Well, because it's one of my favourite places to hang-out and do my writing in the midst of its serenity & peacefulness…You'll smell the breeze from the sea, planes fly by, the Horses and the Ponies neigh, the constant chirpings of the birds, with the Tree Crickets that sing all day... And when night falls, blue neon & warm lights brighten up this place that makes the ambience so cosy & relaxed. Besides the naturalistic and relaxing atmosphere, what I love most about this place is the beautiful songs they play in the background, adding to the mood for creative thinking or just for winding down after a long day of writing and/ or trainings.

Even with my previous experience with The New Paper, this is just different... I'm tensed... Simply tensed!!!

I know I say it all the time, but I really can't help feeling this way as I do feel that I’m better expressing myself through my fingers (typing from my laptop), instead of from my mouth; especially when this Interview is going to be broadcasted on the Internet...

Which means that anybody with an Internet connection & the RazorTV's URL will be able to view this Interview.

My expression and my every word, my movement, all will be captured on screen!

And I’m worried about my performance; afraid that I'll say something that is out of context because I actually do that whenever I am tensed & nervous.

When Bryan Gerard De Silva (RazorTV Journalist), and his colleague, Raju (Executive Videographer/ Cameraman); both from The Straits Times arrived, Rena (my Artiste & Talent Manager) went over to welcome them as I took a deep breath and walked over with my GrandMentor to greet them.

Bryan & Raju were all smiles and friendly and they briefed me on what I can expect for today's filming. Knowing that I was feeling nervous, they were kind to share some tips on how I can perform better in front of the camera... Like breathing through my mouth instead of my nose, as it will not only be heard clearly over the microphone, but the very first word that comes out after breathing through the nose, will also be heard much louder. (Honestly, I never knew that!) Thank you Bryan; for sharing those valuable tips!

When Raju started filming, the pressure of having a camera just in front of me got me REALLY tense up (The feeling is totally different from acting for the record)...

Throughout the interview, I did my best to answer Bryan’s questions accordingly and to speak as naturally as I possibly can. Still, I couldn't avoid the blunders...

There were a few times when my words got caught in my tongue, my mind turned BLANK and Raju had to do a re-take & Bryan had to repeat the same question again as if it was the first time he had asked me (I’m so-SO-so sorry Bryan & Raju…) Fortunately, both Bryan & Raju were extremely patient & understanding towards me, obliging a re-take every time I blunder. (This is really embarrassing for me if you must know, I felt so bad… But it was my FIRST TIME afterall.)

The interview wrapped-up (many hours later) after a couple of shots of me stroking a white pony, working on my laptop, strolling & etc (the usual norm stuffs I do whenever I’m at Bistro@Ayden) and a last shot of me talking to my GrandMentor and Rena...

(This was a funny moment for me actually; Rena & my GrandMentor had to be convinced by both Bryan & Raju before they decided to partake in the shoot; with the understanding that their voice will NOT be heard on Air… And GrandMentor was heard telling Rena much later that he was not dressed up for this particular occasion and he was contemplating to back-out… Of coz, Rena always has a way to talk him out of it, just like how she convinced him why he needs to be at the Retreat with us last month.)

Finally, the interview was over and we all gathered around the table, having a short chit-chat with Bryan & Raju.

To be honest, I was disappointed with myself.

I felt that I hadn't performed the way I had expected myself to be; to construct my sentences like how I would have done it when I’m typing/ writing, with clarity and conviction...

As my GrandMentor always tells me, “It's NOT What You Say, But HOW You Say It... 

Therefore, when Bryan told my GrandMentor that I had done well, it was a HUGE relief for me!

In fact, I felt Bryan was a really good Journalist/ Host!

He puts in the effort to make me feel really comfortable during the entire interview. (So did Raju! They were an awesome team!)

Bryan’s charisma & amiable personality does make one enjoy talking to him. If my tension & nerves hadn't kicked in that day, I would have a much nicer & smoother time talking to him I’m sure...

And behind the scenes, Raju was really nice & patient too, being understanding with my blunders and re-takes and constantly put up a smiley face to tell me it's alright, and that help loads to relieved my tension!

Thank you soOooo much Bryan & Raju; for being so kind & understanding towards me; and for having me on your show… THANK YOU Guys!

Also, not forgetting... Two VERY important people who has always been there for me.... I want both of you to know that I do appreciate all that you've done for me - They are none other than my Artiste & Talent Manager Ms. Rena Shi (My Mentor) who takes really good care of me and monitor me closely & steered my career path steadily & progressively over the last 3 years...

And Mr. Eric See (My GrandMentor) who strategizes & charted my course of direction in life; be it on my Work or my Personal matter; and guided me patiently & transformed my whole life 360 degrees around to Where & What I Am Today when I should be dead 3 years ago had he not pulled me out of my abyss; and gave me new hope to live on; and imparting his Ancient Knowledge & Wisdom to awaken me as a whole…

Also, not forgetting AMDG (the firm who Manages & Represents me)  - I Thank You ALL from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!!!

Now, I'm crossing my fingers (even my toes), hoping this interview will turns out well on RazorTV...

My dear Readers... I'll definitely keep all of you informed of the Date & Time this interview will be aired, so do follow up on my Facebook ya!

And should I failed on your expectations… Do pardon me;

It was my First Time after all.