Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Letter To YOU...

Dear Readers, Supporters, Fans & Friends,

Greetings! The year 2011 is coming to an end in an hours time; and before I usher in a new year, I'd like to sincerely, from the bottom of my heart...

Thank you ALL...

For Your Arduous Support

Towards "This Is My Story..."

In turn; helping to advocate my cause; creating awareness.

Your Support is truly appreciated, Thank You!

For Your Warm Care

Towards me as a person,

Always encouraging & cheering me on.

Your Care; which warms my heart… Is what further motivates me in moving forward, Thank You!

For Your Kind Concern

Towards my Work, Progress, Well-being & Health.

Reading your Wall Posts, Comments & Private Messages ALWAYS puts a smile on my face, Thank You!

And For The Record

Each of your concern towards me is like a gentle reminder...

A gentle reminder that I will never be alone;

That I have ALL of you Readers, Supporters, Fans & Friends like YOU;

Who are ALWAYS supporting, caring & concerned about me, always.

And ALL of these mean a lot to me... Thank You!!!

The past year has been a very stressful & pressurizing year for me as I write my SECOND book. AFTER writing my FIRST book; “This Is My Story...”, it had not occurred to me that I'd be continuing to write more books.

Back then, the content in “This Is My Story...” were excerpts from my journal and write-ups as part of my “healing process” to help me let go of my past.

Later, when it was brought to my attention that there are others out there who are in the same circumstance & predicament I had been in; and are just as helpless, my GrandMentor helped me see that I could actually Pay-It-Forward by helping others like how my GrandMentor had guided & enlightened me, thus changing & transforming my whole life since then, if not, I would have died years ago with my photo splashing all over the papers, and everyone would be wondering why would a girl like me commit suicide and NO ONE would ever know the whole truth & my life story would have been taken to my grave; if not for my GrandMentor’s timely intervention...

And eventually, it is with the hope that my little sister would not follow in my footsteps and make my mistakes that I wrote & shared “This Is My Story...”, with the intention to advocate a cause; create awareness so that others would not fall into the same pit-hole as I had.

After the publishing of “This Is My Story...”, again, I honestly did NOT expect to garner this much positive feedback, compliments, encouragement, support and well-wishes from kind souls (Readers) like you who've since become my strong Supporters, Fans & Friends. It was beyond my imagination & expectation that you would acknowledge me as an Author and express interest in my future writing.

And it is with this acknowledgement, interest and support towards my work as an Author that I decided to continue writing my second book so as NOT to disappoint those who have been so supportive of my work & cause these past years.

In the past eighteen months that I've been writing my second book, the stress to not only write a good book, but one that will be better written than my first book and exceed it, sits heavily on my shoulders. The success of “This Is My Story...”; being on The Straits Times Top-10 Bestsellers  List for Thirty-Four Weeks (8 Months), has set a bar of expectations for me to fulfil.

These expectations naturally come with anticipation, and to meet that anticipation, deadlines need to be set. With the added pressure of deadlines, there are times when I couldn't promptly respond to your Private Messages, Wall Posts and comments you've left on my Facebook Wall... And I'm really apologetic that my replies take longer than usual. Besides this, I had also decided to stop writing my Blog for the time being to focus on solely writing my second book, thus you've realized I haven't been updating it...

These two matters are something I feel I should address, but the point I want to make, is that despite all these, you've been nonetheless understanding and patient. You gave me space to write, instead of hounding me to finish soon... And your encouragement and belief that my second book will be a good piece of work, gives me further confidence that I can ultimately do it. 

It is always heart-warming to read your notes of care and concern, telling me to “Take care of your health...”, “Don't sleep so late...”, “Jia You!”, “Don't stress yourself out...”, “I hope your writing for your second book is going smooth...” etc...  

Therefore, this letter is written specially to EACH & EVERY ONE of YOU… My incredible Readers, Supporters, Fans and Friends, just to let you know... 

I Appreciate YOU, Truly... THANK YOU!!!

Though you may think that you're just one person amongst all other Readers, Supporters, Fans or Friends... To me, every single one of you count... For it is with ALL your collective Acknowledgement, Interest and Support, that I am continuing in this path as an Author.

As I am writing this letter to you, my draft for my second book is being read by the respective “Authorities” and I can't wait to know how they'll receive it and what they might think; it's soOooo nerve-wrecking... The publisher told me that if it is not as good as the first one, or not up to their expectation, they’ll have to reject it.

Personally, I do believe in my writing and that my second book will interest them as much as my first (or even more), but you never know... One man's meat is another man's poison. Like “This Is My Story...”, not everyone can read it objectively, and agree with the content and my intention of publishing it.

So I'm really holding my breath and crossing my fingers.

Anyway, I know I'm being very vague and tight-lipped on my second book... Honestly, I wish I could share the story with you… But as you already know... A Non-Disclosure Agreement with the Publishing Unit binds & forbids me from doing so till its official they are publishing it…


I've recently heard from AMDG that next year will be a busy BUSY year for me; with a line of activities planned... That means, there'll be lots of interesting Blog Entries for YOU to read!

So do stay tuned to my News & Updates via my Mailing List ( or Facebook Page (!

Going into the year 2012 in an hour’s time…

I wish you, my dear friend...

 A hearty and joyful year ahead!

With Love, Hugz & Kissess...

Kasandra K.