Tuesday, October 20, 2015

KNiGHTS OF iRiS now on Google Play for Android Users

Dear Readers, Supporters, Fans & Friends…

In a blink of an eye, time flew past like the speed of lightning. I know many of you have been concerned about my absence from Social Media and have been asking me about my health on Facebook… I just want to thank you all for your care and concerns; it was really heart-warming to receive those messages of encouragement! I have been progressing in my road to recovery, and am glad to share that all’s well right now. ;)

Besides giving an update on my health condition, the main purpose of this blog post today is to share a really awesome news – especially for those of you who are using an Android phone! :D

 KNiGHTS OF iRiS is now on Google Play!
Aaaaahhhhhhhhh~!!! Yes, KOI has an E-book version now and it is available on Google Play for Android users! Woohoo~ How awesome is this?! ^^
Many of my (local and overseas) readers have asked for an E-book version of KOI, because it would be more convenient to read it on the go, anytime and anywhere. Therefore, AMDG Singapore (my Managing Representative Firm & the Publishers for my books) have decided to work with Google Play to put KOI up for purchase and download as an E-book!
“Knights of Iris” (KOI) is the second book I wrote and was first published as a paperback book on November 2012. The jump from a Non-fiction to a Fiction was kind of a mixed-emotion - In KOI, there are a lot of references made from my reality; details of myself that I have woven in, situations and emotions drawn from my personal experiences, and characters that portray people in my life. To me, KOI is not just a novel written from passion in writing, but a story that is a part of my life and dear to my heart as well.
Thus, I was delighted when AMDG gave me a surprise, telling me to check KOI out on Google Play. Although I have always preferred reading from the actual book itself – feeling the weight in my hands and loving the smell of the brown pages – I must say that the E-book gives off a totally different and interesting experience. I am someone who re-reads the same books every once in a while, so having KOI as an E-book is indeed convenient for me to read anywhere I go. For those whom have read KOI from the paperback book, you might want to get the E-book version for a different reading experience on the go. ;)
I hope that now with KOI made easily accessible and convenient for almost everyone, KOI can reach out to much more readers far and wide…
KOI is my dream, my passion and my vision. Hence, when I read comments or receive private messages saying that they can envision the movie already playing in their minds whilst reading KOI, I am heartened… Because my dream for KOI does not end here and when I am writing KOI, I too play the scenarios in my head like a rolling movie. J
Therefore, if you have enjoyed reading KOI, kindly share it with your friends and do leave me positive comments on Google Play under their ‘Reviews Section’ ya - And if you think that KOI should be made into a movie, do comment it at Google Play Reviews too – THANK YOU! And if you want to read and see more of KOI, tell me about it – I would love to hear from you! ^^
Meanwhile, please support the E-version of KOI on Google Play and hope everyone has an enjoyable time (re)reading “Knights Of Iris”!
Last but not least, to dear AMDG…
You have given me a great birthday present this year! A big THANK YOU for all your hard work and love~ J
Kasandra K.
P/S: OS users… It is regretful that the E-book version is only available on Google Play right now. Should the E-book make its mark on other platforms available to you, I will be sure to announce it. J