Monday, May 30, 2011

My 4th Autography Session…

After half a year from the last time I saw my Readers, Supporters, Fans & Friends, I was glad that a 4th Autography Session was organized by AMDG-Singapore (The firm that Manages & represents me)... And this time, for the convenience of all my Readers, Supporters, Fans & Friends in mind, AMDG-Singapore arranged the Autography Session at not (only) ONE, but THREE different Popular Bookstores locations (From 27th – 28th May 2011); in the West, North & East of Singapore! (Namely Jurong Point, Bishan Junction 8 & Tampines Mall spread-out over two consecutive days.)

Recalling being excited yet really nervous & overly self-conscious at all my previous Autography Sessions, I was surprised at myself this time round as I actually felt comfortable and much more relaxed. I guess I've gotten rather used to having passer-by stare at me and wondering what I'm doing & why am I sitting here out of nowhere; OR who I am... But I really have to give credit to my awesome readers who were already there waiting for me & were punctual when the Autography Session started. They were the ones who help bridged the waiting time (which is the time when butterflies flutter frantically in my stomach) and made me feel excited; minus the nervousness & self-consciousness, so thank you ALL who were there for me! (Words just could not thank you enough...!!!)

In this particular Autography Session, I've actually gotten further acknowledgements, encouragements, support and blessings from ALL my readers; EVEN strangers who have never heard of “This Is My Story...”, they actually stopped by at my table to read the descriptions & synopsis to find out what this book was all about. And most of my new Readers who've bought the book at this Autography Session, turned out to be mothers, fathers & EVEN grandparents who were out shopping with their family.

When I talked to the mothers… What I found out was that they've bought “This Is My Story...” with the intention of sharing the gist of the story and use it to educate & discuss with their daughter(s) and/ or son(s). That made me really proud of having written the book and sharing my true life story, because at the end of the day, this is what “This Is My Story...” is all about; learning from my mistakes and NOT falling into the same love-traps; yet gaining enlightenment & inspiration at the same time from the same teachings my GrandMentor taught me through the process of standing & getting back on my own two feet, and understanding that “Every Cause Has Its Effect and Every Effect Has Its Cause”, thus recognizing that we all have the ability in us to make the decisions that will change our course of path and the strength to make choices that will help us lead the life we want.

I didn't use to think that others would be open to such a book where I've exposed a bad relationship of mine and tell my part of the story which has created such a disaster in my life... I thought it was embarrassing... But I was proven wrong when I started receiving compliments, support, well-wishes and words of encouragement from all my Readers, Supporters, Fans and Friends on my Facebook Wall, in Private Messages and via my Blog.

Now, seeing the support of EVEN the parents (especially) and hearing them telling me how brave I am, having their blessings and knowing that they'll pass the book on to their children when they're old enough to understand the content (for those who are still currently in their primary school education), gave me a great sense of accomplishment... To me, it's a big reward to have this endorsement from parents!

While there were mothers who bought the book to share with their kids, there were also mothers (who came to my attention) in particular who bought “This Is My Story...” for their own emotional support & guidance. The words “Love. Sex. Betrayal. Deceptions. Anger. Hatred...” on the poster were the exact sentiments they had and summed up everything they're currently going through...

I was really surprised when the first woman shared her story with me. We were complete strangers, yet she told me something so personal, openly & straight forwardly - “My husband is having an affair...” was how she started, out of the blue. “And with my best friend of over ten years...” she continued...

Then I understood that it's the same as Readers who share their woes with me online via private messages too. It's not how close you are with someone, but how much you can relate to that person that matters. She didn't need to explain much, nor did I need to ask more, because in that short conversation we had with one another, we empathised with each other; from deep within our hearts.

Another woman who took up “This Is My Story...” browsed through the pages with the similar events of betrayal & deception portraying her story. With a husband who has continuously cheated on her, she despondently told me, “He will never change...” I could see that she had wanted to just pour out everything she has kept in her heart thus far, but with her kids around, she had to hold back her tears and put up a strong front. In a soft whisper, she looked down at both her kids and could only ask, “What should I do?” It was clear she had enough, but for the sake of her kids, there were many reservations...

At this point when these women are coping with their heartache and are faced with a dilemma, I really feel for them deeply...

And at the same time, I realize that what they're going through is so much tougher than what I had gone through. Being in a family and having the attachment to your children, things are all the more difficult to make a clean and clear decision.

Nevertheless, I hope that by reading “This Is My Story...” they'll be guided and find the inner strength within to make the choices they feel will be best for them and their children.

There isn't always a perfect solution to every problem, because every solution will give rise to a new set of problems, but that's okay, because at least things are in motion… And when things are in motion, there is always opportunity for us to make it better (That’s what my Grandmentor taught me). My most sincere & best wishes to these ladies (If you are reading this entry ladies, please feel free to private message me ya... I would like to know how have you been doing and I hope you are well, but if you are not... Please write me, you are NOT alone.)

On a happier note, I've also met quite a number of Readers who're in the education field; pre-school teachers, teachers, lecturers, etc...

There was a particular pre-school teacher, Marie at Jurong Point Popular on Friday with her two daughters, Megan & Mathilda, and she bought “This Is My Story...” as a teaching material to help her daughters express themselves through writing. Marie told me that Megan is keen on Poetry while her daughter of six years old is now writing her very first children's book titled “My Home”.

As I was autographing on their copy of “This Is My Story...”, Marie told her daughters to learn how I had expressed my thoughts & emotions through words; and that they could also do the same, and perhaps one day they'll also be an Author like me. Hearing that made me really happy that Marie had acknowledged my style of writing and took it as an example to her two girls... Thank you Marie!

Familiar faces were seen in this 4th Autography Session too and I really have to thank ALL OF YOU for your constant support in coming down. Each time I meet you, I get to know you better... So thanks to you Sky & Jackson, it was nice meeting the both of you again. And also, thanks to JinYu & Frankson, for not only coming down yourselves, but bringing your friend too and recommending “This Is My Story...” to them. I hope your friends, Mr Low & John, (respectively) have a good read ya…

Also, I specially want to thank two groups of people; the First Group are those who've brought me wonderful gifts as gesture of their goodwill; and the Second Group are those who've gone that extra mile to come to my Autography Session despite their busy hectic schedule... I just wanna say I’m deeply honoured & touched by YOU just being here, for me… THANK YOU soOOoooo much!!!

Many THANKS to JinYu & Edmund, for your beautiful & cheerful bouquets of Sunflower... It really brightened my day so much more and it brought me lots of energy throughout my Autography Session just by looking at it, THANK YOU!

Also, THANK YOU so much JasonSky, for your paperweight, brought back all the way from Paris on your recent trip there. I know you're flying off again, take care and have a safe flight ya!

And THANK YOU JasonBernard, for your pen... You know, although I type my work on the computer, but I do write lots of notes & ideas on paper... So the pen really comes in handy, THANKS!

Also, THANK YOU Benjamin for your meaningful ornament, I really appreciate the thought in it and the passage of encouragement inscribed on it… THANK YOU!!!

And to EACH and EVERY single ONE of YOU who came to my Autography Session over the two days, I know you took time out of your busy schedule just for me; and I AM REALLY THANKFUL that YOU ALL came down, THANK YOU soOOooo much...!!!

I also wanna thank those that I know of, who had gone that extra-EXTRA-extra mile just to be here. And I just wanna let you know that I TRULY appreciate your time & effort... I am extremely & deeply touched when I realized that; YOU…

YingJie – You left the Open House midway and came down with your friends... Thank you!!!

Wei Ling – You came from the Chalet ALONE just to have that few minutes with me & get your book; “This Is My Story...” autographed, and then went back to the Chalet ALONE again... Thank you!!!

To ALL the students who have their Chinese 'O' Level Examination on Monday, YET you took the trouble just to come down for me... Thank you!!!

To all runners/ helpers involved in the Sundown Marathon (especially those living in the East) who couldn't make it to the Autography Session at Tampines Mall, and have to travel ALL THE WAY from one end to the other (either Jurong Point/ Bishan Junction 8)... Thank you!!!

*ALL OF YOU ARE JUST SO SWEET, SO NICE & SO KIND TOWARDS ME!!! (It just makes me wanna cry – Tears of joy that is…)

You know something… My Autography Session started off with loads of excitement & happiness, but it was a tad sad for me when it all ended on Saturday at Tampines mall. I was truly happy & was enjoying myself meeting up with ALL my awesome Readers and talking to them was indeed the happiest moments for me; and time simply went by so fast! And just as we were packing-up to leave, a nice lady by the name Suneeta came over with her newly purchased “This Is My Story...” and said...

I walked past and just by reading the description on the poster, I know I had to buy it... It really touched me and I can't believe you went through all of that!” I shook her hand to thank her deeply for her support and from the strength she used to grasp my hand back; I could feel how strong she felt toward “This Is My Story...” and how emotional (in a good & an inspiring way) it was for her to see the person who had been there, done that, written it all down and stand right in front of her... She went on to share her personal thoughts with me, and by her words, I was greatly touched...

This 4th Autography Session was truly overwhelming & inspiring for me, further enforcing my purpose in writing “This Is My Story...

And the most credit for even having this awe-inspiring Autography Session, goes to POPULAR (The staffs at Jurong Point, Bishan Junction 8 & Tampines Mall were extremely nice & friendly that I felt so much at home – THANK YOU!!!)...

Also, to AMDG-Singapore (The Management & Representation Firm that is always taking care of my welfare & looking after my personal interest) - And overseeing me is my Manager, Ms. Rena Shi (Artiste & Talent Manager of AMDG) for arranging & co-ordinating this wonderful Autography Session for me...

Not forgetting the two Interns from AMDG, namely Mandi & Delvina (for taking all the pictures over the two days & for being such a great help & supporter!!!) THANK YOU ALL soOOooo much!!!

Last but not least…

Most importantly, to my GrandMentor; Mr. Eric S... (He; who completely turn my life around. He is the Chief Advisor of McKnight’s Advisory & Associates; appointed to advise on AMDG's Corporate directions & expansion plans, as well as conceptualizing, designing & strategizing all new in-coming Artistes & Talents on their career path, their branding & positioning, training, as well as their development program).

Before I end this entry of mine... I just wanna say already I can't wait to meet ALL MY AWESOME Readers, Supporters, Fans & Friends again soon, and I've got a pretty good feeling... The next round, it'll be so (once again) much more exciting & fun!

Till then, please TAKE GOOD CARE everyone… I am already missing ALL OF YOU!!! That shows how deep an impression you have ALL left on me… And it was truly an enormous pleasure meeting & talking to ALL OF YOU… THANK YOU!!!

(Again… Tears of joy… Couldn’t help it L…)

To view ALL pictures taken for this event… Kindly click HERE.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Right Here Waiting...

Hi Everyone...!!!

Especially to my dearest & awesome Readers, Fans, Friends & Supporters!

Finally, I've the opportunity to meet you, YES, YOU...!!!

(That is; if you are coming, for it has always been my wish to meet & get to know my readers personally thru such events!)

If you've seen the photos from my 1st - 3rd Autography session, you can tell I was indeed blessed to be able to meet so many wonderful & supportive readers of mine; whom we met as strangers, but now we are friends.

After many readers wrote me on my FB Wall & Private Messages asking when is my next Autography session... I'm glad AMDG has finally organized & arranged with POPULAR to hold one in honour of all my readers - In fact, I did feedback to AMDG regarding those request, and after EIGHT long MONTHS... Finally, here IT IS... My 4th Autography session!

But what makes me even MORE happier this time; was they took my feedback into heart when I told them most of my readers requested a location near them due to the far distance they have to travel either from their school or work place... And thus, THREE Autography sessions;  in THREE different locations were arranged this time round so as to ease my readers' travelling time.

Ms. Rena Shi, my Artiste & Talent Manager (AMDG) said to me... "Good Things Need Time To Execute... And A Successful Event Requires The Right Timing & Proper Co-ordination With Various Associates too you know...?"

"Yes Rena... And appreciate I do, truly!"

What can I say but...

Life's always full of surprises for me when I least expect it! THANK YOU Rena!!! I can't thank you, AMDG & POPULAR enough (And on behalf of my readers too) for your kind consideration & thoughtful gesture!!!

The following 3 locations are as follows:

Popular Bookstore

: Friday, 27th May 2011 7:00pm - 9:00pm @ Jurong Point
: Saturday, 28th May 2011 2:00pm - 4:00pm @ Junction 8 (Bishan)
: Saturday, 28th May 2011 7:30pm - 9:00pm @ Tampines Mall

Those who wrote me; asking if I could sign their Already-Purchased-Copy of "This Is My Story..." - That they had bought weeks or months ago...

YES U MAY! And of cos YOU CAN!!!

Please do bring along your copy of “This Is My Story…” to ANY of the 3 locations - I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY & DELIGHTED to autograph it for you regardless WHEN or WHERE you may’ve purchased it ya... :)

+=+ Kindly Refer To My Facebook Wall For More UpDate(s) +=+

C'ya soon... And Luv U ALL!!!