Saturday, May 21, 2011

Right Here Waiting...

Hi Everyone...!!!

Especially to my dearest & awesome Readers, Fans, Friends & Supporters!

Finally, I've the opportunity to meet you, YES, YOU...!!!

(That is; if you are coming, for it has always been my wish to meet & get to know my readers personally thru such events!)

If you've seen the photos from my 1st - 3rd Autography session, you can tell I was indeed blessed to be able to meet so many wonderful & supportive readers of mine; whom we met as strangers, but now we are friends.

After many readers wrote me on my FB Wall & Private Messages asking when is my next Autography session... I'm glad AMDG has finally organized & arranged with POPULAR to hold one in honour of all my readers - In fact, I did feedback to AMDG regarding those request, and after EIGHT long MONTHS... Finally, here IT IS... My 4th Autography session!

But what makes me even MORE happier this time; was they took my feedback into heart when I told them most of my readers requested a location near them due to the far distance they have to travel either from their school or work place... And thus, THREE Autography sessions;  in THREE different locations were arranged this time round so as to ease my readers' travelling time.

Ms. Rena Shi, my Artiste & Talent Manager (AMDG) said to me... "Good Things Need Time To Execute... And A Successful Event Requires The Right Timing & Proper Co-ordination With Various Associates too you know...?"

"Yes Rena... And appreciate I do, truly!"

What can I say but...

Life's always full of surprises for me when I least expect it! THANK YOU Rena!!! I can't thank you, AMDG & POPULAR enough (And on behalf of my readers too) for your kind consideration & thoughtful gesture!!!

The following 3 locations are as follows:

Popular Bookstore

: Friday, 27th May 2011 7:00pm - 9:00pm @ Jurong Point
: Saturday, 28th May 2011 2:00pm - 4:00pm @ Junction 8 (Bishan)
: Saturday, 28th May 2011 7:30pm - 9:00pm @ Tampines Mall

Those who wrote me; asking if I could sign their Already-Purchased-Copy of "This Is My Story..." - That they had bought weeks or months ago...

YES U MAY! And of cos YOU CAN!!!

Please do bring along your copy of “This Is My Story…” to ANY of the 3 locations - I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY & DELIGHTED to autograph it for you regardless WHEN or WHERE you may’ve purchased it ya... :)

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C'ya soon... And Luv U ALL!!!


Chris Goh said...

Cant make it for the three autograph session
But will continue to support you Kasandra look forward to buy Ur 2nd book . Wish u all the best in everthing u do take care :) Your readed Chris Goh

Kasandra K. said...

Hi Chris,

Thank you so, so much for your ardours support toward me and my work, as well as your well-wishes... :)

When my second book is ready to be published, you'll be informed via my Mailing List and Facebook. Till then, take care, Chris. ;)