Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Favourite Park...!

A cosy Bistro that's tucked in the corner of Pasir Ris Park was hustling and bustling at its Official Opening held for Families & Friends on 16th October 2010.

When I alighted from the cab, I could already see the rows of bright and cheerful congratulatory flowers neatly placed right outside the Bistro.

Making my way toward it...

I saw familiar faces at the entrance, and they were all very welcoming...

My Grandmentor had introduced me to them a few years back and now they're running a Bistro together...

(Yes, they were all under the same School Of Thought from The Fraternity (Click It).. Just like me!)

I was truly happy to attend this Opening... And I was VERY happy for them!!!

I baked a box of home-made cookies to send my well-wishes for a thriving business, a harmonious working environment and joyful times for ALL patrons!

The interior had a dimensional mix of round wooden tables with big red umbrellas placed in the middle, and surrounding them were long benches, and high chairs...

A rustic theme to accommodate the greens of trees and the horse ranch just beside the Bistro.

(Yes, you read correctly, there's even a ranch here where you can ride horses or even watch others riding it from the Bistro!)

This gave a casual and simplistic visual to the entire ground...

And it is this blend into the environment that makes one feel soOoOoo relaxed and comfortable.

Especially during the evening, yellow lightings coil around the trunk of trees that are within the premises of the Bistro, giving a dim glow to mellow the ambience...

With no doors or walls of boundaries, you can even feel the wind come and go as it pleases in the cool night.

My GrandMentor introduced me to quite a number of nice & good people who were at the Opening and it was truly a pleasure meeting them...

I even got to meet some of my readers too!

It was a nice evening spent, getting to meet many wonderful and friendly people to smile, chat and laugh together...

And now, I have another good place to add to my list of “Places To Do My Writing”... 

And it’s none other than; Bistro @ Ayden! (Click It)

(If you are wondering why this place look so familiar to you… Yes! This was the place where I did my interview with RazorTV on 24th November 2010.)

If You've Missed My RazorTV Interview... Here's It Is, A Five Parts Series (Click On The Titles):

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Brandon said...

Hi K,

"Only that which is the other gives us fully unto ourselves."

You believed in love.
I'm sure you still do, but perhaps not in the way you used to.
Who could blame you?
If all is good and pure in this world, your perception of love and devotion to it would be and should be what love is about.

Personally, I do not view your actions during your trying period bearing any foolishness nor stupidity because love, is passion, an obsession, someone you can't live without and if you did not start with that, you haven't really loved at all. What are you going to end up with then?

So, K, the sympathy, compassion, understanding, empathy and validation to your feelings will not be completely met, but I want to come as close as I can to meeting them, hopefully in time.

The strength you possess is admirable for someone of your age. However, I was just wondering this, and please do not see my following questions as imposing but of something to ponder about from someone who cares:

-have you fully reached closure?

-your book, your blog and the facebook forum are definitely ways of achieving closure, but are they truly enough given the nature of the pain and aguish you suffered?

-that asshole (yes, I don't see why we shouldn't term him as that), would you be able to stand on your grounds if you were to bump into him alone on the streets? How would you react? I asked this because you haven't spoken to him since.

-has your youngest sister reached closure as well? As she is part of your life, knowing that she hasn't might affect you which was what happened, resulting in your book.

-your second sister... though I'm supportive of you, I do understand where she is coming from, having her reputation tainted and perhaps being known as "the evil sister". Her actions were absolutely degrading and the word "unforgivable" is certainly hovering somewhere along the lines. But, she is ultimately your blood sister and until she speaks to you again, I believe there is a tiny part of you that possibly regretted bringing her into the picture? I could be wrong here though.

K, you do not have to reply my questions. Like I said, just something to think about. I will be more than flattered if you have taken some time off your busy schedule to actually read this.

Again, you have my utmost respect and admiration for the person you have become. Your maturity and wisdom speak great lengths. Nonetheless, your readers (that includes me), we should not forget that you are afterall a young girl who was devastatingly tormented, because she fell in love.

I will sign off here.

Take care K.

Yours truly,
Bran :)

Kasandra K. said...

Hi Bran,

First of all, thank you for your compliments and taking the time and effort to write me this message. I appreciate that you've shared your afterthoughts with me...

After the things I've been through, my view on Love & Relationship has definitely changed... I've realized and learnt that, to be in a Relationship and make it work, takes other virtues besides Love alone.

You can read more about it in my previous blog post at this link:

My past is a deep scar that serves as an eternal reminder of the lessons I've learnt the hard way... Never will I forget the emotions and experiences I had during those times. If the definition of "Closure" is to put the past behind, accept the mistakes I've made, embrace new life-lessons and move forward in life along a better and happier course, then not only have I found closure, but with the enlightenment from my GrandMentor, I've also found new Meaning and Purpose, thus the advocation of my cause via "This Is My Story...".

I no longer need to justify all the pain and anguish I had, but to only understand that my life is in my own hands, and that only I, can decide how I want to live it.

When one has truly accepted, let go and moved forward, regardless of the situation, he/she would not falter. I believe if I should meet him on the streets one day, he would just be another man in the crowd, for his presence is only a mere memory of my past.

Whether or not my youngest sister has found closure, only she knows best and can answer for herself. On her behalf, I thank you for your concern. :)

I certainly do not regret any of the things that I've written in "This Is My Story..." as it is the truth based on my personal experiences, thoughts and feelings, though it was after countless and careful consideration, that I decide to publish my story. To relate the facts as how it was, is the best way for my Readers to understand the gist of what "This Is My Story..." advocates.

Rather than a personal attack on my second sister, the focus and point in referencing her episode, is to further bring to the attention of my Readers this breed of men who plays around with women.

I have never put the blame on her nor do I have any bad feelings toward her, as you've also mentioned; she's my blood sister. Nothing will change that. With all my heart, I wish for her to live her life well and peaceful, and hope that the public would not be harsh on her, as she is in a way, a victim too.

Ending off, I thank you for your respect, admiration and support for me... Above all, I thank you for your understanding and kindness in accepting and acknowledging me.

My best wishes to you and do take care too, Bran. :)