Friday, September 3, 2010


Readers often ask me (via Private Message in Facebook), "What's Your Hobbies Kasandra...???"

And I always find that question a little “tough” to answer; simply because there is a whole lot of things I enjoy doing that I couldn't zero into any one in particular - It can range from Sporty stuff like Swimming, to a game of Paintball, to the more delicate ones, like Handicraft and Cooking.

Moreover, my hobbies are very much dependable on the company I am with. For example, I would go swimming with good friends even if I had to travel on a one-and-a- half hour journey to meet them... BUT, I wouldn't swim on my own even if the complex is just a ten minutes walk away. And I would spend the whole afternoon preparing and cooking in the kitchen for my family, BUT I wouldn't even spend ten minutes to whip something up for my own dinner.

Did you realize it feels totally different when you're doing it with/ for someone compared to just doing it on your own/ for yourself...?

Anyway... When my youngest sis wanted to bake muffins for her friends, I decided to bake too because it has been so long since we baked! So, I immediatedly took out the recipe book and suggested we make Blueberry muffins! But she loves Strawberries, so in the end, we decided to make a standard batter with two different fillings.

We went down to our nearest grocery store to get our ingredients and muffin cups. We chose one that's white with colourful balloons on it; the perfect one that would brighten up anyone's day!

We then proceeded to get strawberry jam and blueberry filling, when guess what? I forgot to bring the ingredient list!!! I looked past the many rows of other baking ingredients as if I was looking for something, but in actual fact, I was thinking hard what are the items I should get (I do remember a few of them though...) After getting whatever I could remember; we then went straight home to get the list, and headed down again to buy the remaining ingredients.

Once home, we quickly got to work....

We sifted the flour, dissolved the sugar with butter in a pan, and in the meantime, beat the egg and poured in the milk.

After that, we combined all three together to get the batter.

The batter was divided into half.

In my half of the batter, the colour beautifully swirled in streaks of purple as I mixed in the blueberries, while my sister topped strawberry jam onto one third of the batter in the muffin cups before covering it with another scoop of batter.

After getting through the process of each stages...

Finally, it was time to bake!

We put it in the pre-heated oven and waited for it to rise... Within half an hour, the aroma of muffins travelled to my room, signalling it was time to check on "them", and I called out to my little sis, as we excitedly made our way to the kitchen...

Although baking is messy, greasy, and a lot of work... and not forgetting the cleaning & washing after that; it is a really tedious process, but it makes it all worthwhile when you see the end result... Like:

Witnessing The Muffins Rise,
Smelling Its Freshly Baked Scent...
And Enjoying it thereafter!

Not Forgetting Over A Cup of
Warm Fragrant Tea...!

There...! My "masterpiece"... (See photos above)

And did you know Muffins go pretty well with Ice-Cream too...?

Mmmmmm.... YumYum!!!


Jackson said...

I now know how you honed your baking skills... Thanks for the cookie and cake! :)

Kasandra K. said...

You're very much welcome, Jackson... I'm glad you like them. :)